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Build Your Lead Magnet and
Launch Your Lead Funnel!"
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The Business You Want, The Income You Want... The Freedom You Want, Is Going To Be Driven By The Leads Your Nurture On Your List...
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What does a...
'Lead Magnet'
Mean For You...?
From: The Funnel Genius, Hawk Mikado

Where: Sunny San Diego
What does Getting More Leads mean for you...?

For everyone, for every business it's different...

For some of you it might mean that you're FINALLY able to hire someone you've really wanted to hire... and stop doing it all yourself.

For others, you're looking to increase sales... but you've been having a problem getting in front of people...

And others, you're just looking for a way to provide value to your existing community with value without needing to do strategy sessions or workshops...

Before I share with you MY GOAL for this 14 Day LIVE "Lead Funnel Challenge" for YOU... let me ask you a few questions...
Please Check All Of The Questions Where Your Answer Is YES!
Are you looking to create your first Lead Magnet, and have NO IDEA where to start?
Do you work with a company where you get paid on results and you need leads because they don't (or won't) send you enough leads?
Have you been successful offline, and know that you need to be online, but you're having a challenge getting leads and sales?
Are you committed to getting a lead funnel created, but not sure on how or where to start?
Do you want to grow your list so you can have more freedom to make a bigger impact?
You've Been through the OFA Challenge and you're still struggling to get your lead magnet done?
Are you about to launch your next offer, and want to make sure your sales pipeline is full!?!
If you checked ANY of the boxes above, then I want to invite you to join the 'Lead Funnel' challenge To Grow Your List and Your Income! 
So, Here Is How The Challenge Works...
Once You Join The Lead Funnel Challenge! You Walk Away With... 
Your Free Lead Magnet Created...
Your Lead Funnel Launched....
Leads Coming To Your Business Every Single Day...
With the Lead Funnel Challenge, we could easily charge $1,000 for the full 14 day challenge…

Probably even $2,000, or more, but...
All You Pay Is $97! 
That’s Just Enough To Help Cover The Creation Of Your Challenge!
"Get the Message out there, fully automated so you don’t have to do anything and help you engage people on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, all social media."
John DeWitt - Chiropractor
"One of the things that he taught us actually helped me double my opt-ins overnight! I actually launched a funnel, I have a live funnel and I'm in the middle of doing a live webinar now."
Sharon Horne-Ellstrom - Business Apps
Then In Exchange For That Tiny $97 Investment, You Get ALL Of This:
Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
  • ​14 Day LIVE ACCESS to The "Lead Funnel Challenge"($297 value)
  • ​Funnel Templates & Email "Swipe" Templates ($197 value)
  • ​Lead Magnet Idea Generator Mind Map & Checklist ($97 value)
  • ​Modern Social Media Marketing Traffic Hacks  ($197 value) 
  • ​Facebook Ads Domination ($197 value)
That's well over $985 of Pure Value...
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You Just Cover $97 Today!
You have 14 Days, starting {{challenge_date2}}...
Do YOU Accept?
What's The Catch?
There's No Catch, You're going to get full access for 14 days while we're LIVE... but after that, you'll lose access, it's kinda like going to a LIVE Event, after the event you leave with notes and action items (and in our case actual work done) but after that you don't get to keep access unless you get the recordings...

While YES! we're recording, the only way to get access again is to pay again, or Join the Funnel Toolkit Membership
If you want to get your lead magnet created, your funnel LIVE and start generating leads, then this is the challenge we’re giving you...
Join The 14 Day Lead Funnel Challenge and Complete It In Just 30 Minutes A Day! You Can Do That Right?
“The Awesome thing about this Program is that it’s impossible not to get something finished,
It’s not an educational program, it’s a Do something program."
Jared and Nichole Stull - Improv Training
The VSR Council Generated Over 10,000 Leads In 6 Months From Starting to Work With Hawk Using His Strategies, that Turned into 160+ Paying Clients
Shimon Abouzaglo - B2B Consulting
The 14 day lead funnel challenge Will help you:
Create Your Lead Magnet
There are 3 core fundamentals to building the best lead magnet you can. You'll discover the 3 types of lead magnet,  the simplest ways to create each one, and pick the one you like most and build create it in under 30 minutes...
Build Your Lead Funnel
Once you've got your Lead Magnet it's time to build the Lead Funnel to capture leads with. We're going to give you the exact templates we use that get the highest conversions and are the simplest to implement PLUS the email series we use to deliver the lead magnet...
Grow Your List
If every lead in your system is worth between $1 and $10+ every single month when you launch (or relaunch) a program, promote affiliate offers, or add value to your list in some way, then it only makes sense to have the biggest list possible...
Have A List to Promote To
Now that you've got a list and you've got a lead magnet that's growing your list consistently it's time to start promoting new products, services, and offers to your list... Let's monetize and profit every single month after you get to breakeven (which may even be instant if you use our free traffic strategies)
Surely You're Utterly Sick And Tired Of Not Having Consistent and Predictable Lead Flow...
Not anymore...
We're going to show you the exact step-by-step process to create, launch, and collect leads during this special 14 Day Lead Funnel Challenge
My BIG question to you is... Do you need a lead funnel?
Here's who this works best for:
 Businesses Who Want More Leads
 Businesses Who Want More Paying Clients
 Businesses Who Want Consistent and Predictable Income 
Who this wont work for:
 Businesses who won't invest in marketing
 Businesses who think that their website will bring them clients
 Businesses who think "internet marketing" won't work for them
Do You Want to Learn How We Grow Our Email List By Over 3,000 Qualified Leads Per Month... Profitably?

You'd Never Guess... But Here's Another Way You Can Profit...
You Can Make Between $1 and $10+ Per Month For each person on your email list with Just One Of The strategies we teach
Imagine If You Could Build Your Email List to...
100 Email List = $100/mo Income...
1,000 Email List = $1,000/mo Income...
10,000 Email List = $10,000/mo Income...
What Will You Do With The Extra Cash Flow?
Do You Want to Learn How We Generated Over $100,000 in The Last Two Years From This One Strategy Alone?

You'll Get Access to The 14 Day Lead Funnel Challenge Success Kit...
These will help you during and long after you complete the challenge
Free Bonus #1 ($197 value)
Funnel Templates & Email "Swipe" Templates
We want to fast track your success and just give you our "Fill In The Blank" funnel template and email template so you can focus on what's important, growing your email list...
Free Bonus #2 ($97 value)
Lead Magnet Idea Generator Mind Map
This Mind map will help you determine what type of Lead Magnet's you're going to enjoy building most...
Lead Magnet Creation Checklist
You'll get the exact checklist we use to create high quality lead magnets with ease and speed...
Free Bonus #3 ($297 value)
Social Media Traffic Hacks to Grow Your List For FREE
While ads are the fastest way to scale, you also need "organic" (free) content that drives people to your lead funnel and helps you grow your list, this training will help you with this...
Free Bonus #2 ($597 value)
Facebook Ads Training with Our Ads Facebook Ads Expert Ben
Once you're ready to increase your lead generation with ads this training will show you how to leverage the FREE Traffic Hacks to double and triple your lead flow each day!
Need an Extra Pair of Eyes?
You Can Choose to Work with Our Coaches to Get You The Best Results!
Funnel Coaching
We realize that building funnels isn't your "GENIUS" that's why we've got a team of Funnel Geniuses who can serve and support you with creating the lead magnet, building the funnel, and driving traffic...
Set Up The "Tech"
"Did you say Email Automation, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH...." ... Yes! That's why our Funnel Team Will Set it up for you, All You'll need to do is go in: edit the funnel headlines, and email signatures...
Funnel Review (& Fix)
Once you're done creating your lead magnet, building your funnel, and testing our team will review your work, give pointers and fix any of the tech problems...

Do You Think an Extra 100... 1,000... OR 10,000 Leads Per Month Would Explode Your Business?

So, what happens after 14 days?
Two Things Happen after the 14 Days...

first, you're going to lose access to the 14 day challenge, it's meant to be done lIVE, and because of that we're not including recordings in this program... You're always welcome to join us again

Second, You'll get a bonus coaching session with a "Funnel Genius Coach" who will give you a customized roadmap to your next steps
Is there a guarantee?
I guarantee when you do the work and follow the process that at the end of the 14 days you'll have created your freebie lead magnet, launched your lead funnel, and started the lead generation process... but if you sign up and don't do anything or skip parts because you think "I know that"... then you're not going to get the results you desire, so do the work and you'll be happy with the results.
What’s next?
Click the button below to register for our upcoming 14 Day "Lead Funnel Challenge"
What else do I want to know?
What are The Dates?
I Host one Live Training Each Month! The Next Challenge Starts on {{challenge_date3}}. All sessions are LIVE at 1pm Pacific Each Day and recordings will be available in the members area within 24 hours in case you missed it.

What other costs will there be?
Nothing if you don't want, but we're going to recommend tools that all have free trials or you can use your existing system, it's completely risk free.

Will I have to invest in Facebook ads?
No you don't have to, we're going to teach you a few FREE Lead generation strategies that work in every industry... but if you do run you'll be able to increase the speed you get leads. 

How much time can I expect to spend?
We expect you'll spend about 30 minutes to one (1) hour each day between the training videos and implementing what you learned in the training depending on your

Join The Ultimate Lead Funnel Challenge Now
You'll Get
  • ​14 Day Lead Funnel Challenge
    ($297 value)
  • ​Funnel Templates & Email "Swipe" Templates ($197 value)
  • ​Lead Magnet Idea Generator Mind map & Checklist ($97 value)
  •  Modern Social Media Marketing Traffic Hacks ($197 value) 
  •  Facebook Ads Domination ($197 value)
Total Value $985
Normally $97
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Today Only $47
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30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If you get access and you don't absolutely love it! You can ask for a full refund.

Sharon Horne-Ellstrom

"...One of the things that he taught us actually helped me double my opt-ins overnight! I actually launched a funnel, I have a live funnel and I'm in the middle of doing a live webinar now..."
You'll Get
  • ​14 Day Lead Funnel Challenge
    ($297 value)
  • ​Funnel Templates & Email "Swipe" Templates ($197 value)
  • ​Lead Magnet Idea Generator Mind map & Checklist ($97 value)
  •  Modern Social Media Marketing Traffic Hacks ($197 value) 
  •  Facebook Ads Domination ($197 value)
Total Value $985
Thanks To Our Sponsors.... 
Today Only $97

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If you get access and you don't absolutely love it! You can ask for a full refund.


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